# Digitale Kompetenzen

European Perspectives: Overcoming the Digital Divide in Rural Areas

Tag 1 • 29. März 2022 • 14:25 - 15:10
Level: Anfänger:innen


In an increasingly digital world, european rural areas are faced with many uncertainties. CORA and COM³, two Interreg North Sea Region projects, help them identify the common challenges and empower them to make the best of the digital transformation. The main goal is to enable everyone – citizens, small businesses and administrations – to gain the digital skills they need, via close collaboration, training and coaching measures. In this session, COM³ and CORA partners from Belgium, Sweden and UK, will share their approach and experiences for creating a more digital inclusive environment in their rural areas.

Best Practice mit Adélaïde Chopard, COM³ - Building COMpetencies for COMpetitive COMpanies, Katarina Nordmark, Länsstyrelsen Värmland, Laura Kremeike, Amt Hüttener Berge, Liz Price, University of Lincoln, Bieke Blauwblomme, Intermunicipal organisation Leiedal