# Debatte

Gaming, TikTok, Twitch: where does school-age Europe get its news?

Tag 2 • 30. März 2022 • 14:00 - 14:45
Level: Fortgeschrittene

Young Europeans are growing up politically intensely aware, digitally active and yet often unaware of what is professional journalism or news. Four journalists and digital-literacy experts present recent insights and face-to-face interactions with diverse teenage and pre-teen news audiences in Germany, Belgium and Austria – and consider the critical lessons that data activists and policymakers can draw to secure democracy in a post-truth age.

Speakers and a Q&A session will address the following issues: what new sources of information must we take into account when working to secure digital democracy? To what extent has the concept of “enemy of the state” or Lügenpresse permeated young news audiences? How resilient are different young audiences to disinformation? What role can and should journalists play in addressing digital news literacy and online disinformation?

The speakers have highly varied experience of transmitting digital news literacy to schoolchildren and their teachers in their capacity as journalists and teacher-trainers. Their experience of school settings ranges from affluent Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin to ethnically mixed Molenbeek in Brussels and beyond Europe to Morocco, from rural to urban, from private to public, and offer a unique and up-to-date mosaic of on-the-ground insights into the news habits and news literacy of future audiences.

Panel mit Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck, Lie Detectors